Why Kim Kardashian Feels Pregnancy Is The Worst Experience?

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Why Kim Kardashian Feels Pregnancy Is The Worst Experience?
Kim Kardashian

You just can’t expect Kim Kardashian West to support the miracles that are associated with childbirth. Read along to get the entire story. Read on for more details.

The “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” (KUWTK) reality star is pregnant with her second child from her husband Kanye West. She discussed her feelings on pregnancy in a post on her app and website whose title is “How I Really Feel about Being Pregnant.”

People Magazine reported that Kim was candid when she admitted in her post that being pregnant is the “most unpleasant experience for her in life.” She also said that she is not enjoying a single moment of it and does not understand how many people enjoyed the experience. Even her mother and Kourtney also enjoyed their pregnancies. Though she could not relate to such people, she wished the best for them.

Kim,  who is about to deliver a son in the month of December this year, has already made her position clear about embracing the conventional maternity norms. She defied them starting from the clothes in her wardrobe to her social calendar that is completely packed.

She also wrote that she was not very sure why she did not like the experience of being pregnant though so many other women loved it. She thinks maybe it is because of the backaches, her swelling or something that affects the entire mind, of how a woman’s body swells up and nothing seems to fit well, she shared.

The 34-year-old celebrity wrote that pregnancy is making her feel that she is not in her own skin though it is difficult for to explain what that means. She does not feel sexy because of her body and that in turn makes her feel quite insecure. She simply feels gross most of the times.

Kim Kardashian-West, who is expecting a child, said it seemed to her that a majority of the women did not share the gross things that occur when they expect their child. In fact one has to even wear a diaper for about two months afterwards, the star added in her post.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Kim Kardashian

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