Kim Kardashian Gets Her Uterus Cleaned To Get Pregnant; Kim’s Chances of Conceiving is High Now – Watch Video

By Smitha Nambiar | 3 years ago
Kim Kardashian Gets Her Uterus Cleaned To Get Pregnant; Kim’s Chances of Conceiving is High Now – Watch Video
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There is nothing in the world that Kim Kardashian wants more than having another baby. Hence, after getting her uterus cleaned, when her doctor told her that she has a fair chance of getting pregnant again, Kim was delighted, to say the least!

Kim Kardashian was earlier told about the presence of some placenta left behind in her uterus after the birth of her now 20-month-old daughter North West. She hence underwent a surgery, in which her internal organs were excavated, according to Mail Online.

As per New York Times, the procedure, which is generally conducted after a miscarriage, scrapes out the tissues and growth from the wall of the uterine. This increases the chance of becoming pregnant.

The latest episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK),” aired on Sunday, revealed the joy on the face of the 34-year-old Kim and her mother Kris Jenner when Beverly Hills fertility expert, Dr Huang showed them some pictures of Kim’s uterus – before and after, as per Mirror.

Watch the Video Below. 

“To hear that Kim’s surgery is a success is everything to me. The fact that everything looks great and she’s going to heal is music to my ears,” said Kris, in the last episode of KUWTK.

When, after the surgery, Kim asked Huang whether she was still going to have a hard time conceiving, he replied that he was satisfied with the result. “There is nothing I want more on this earth than to be pregnant again,” said Kim Kardashian, who could hardly contain her joy.

Even though Kim constantly complained of discomfort while she was pregnant with North, she is now ready to spend as much money as required, to become pregnant once again. The hot star added that having a child through surrogacy is her last option.

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Photo Source: Kim Kardashian/Facebook

Video Source: YouTube/The Incredible World

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