Kim Kardashian Gives Expectant Sonia Kruger Some Advice [WATCH VIDEO]

By Ambika Thakur | 3 years ago
Kim Kardashian Gives Expectant Sonia Kruger Some Advice [WATCH VIDEO]

On Sept. 15, 2014 Sonia Kruger sat down with Kim Kardashian for “The Mornings,” and she just shed tears on the show, and it wasn’t because Kruger was enthralled about interviewing the world’s most famous celebrity. It was all because of her first pregnancy mood swings. Read on to learn more about this scoop.

At five months pregnant, “The Mornings” host was feeling to some extent hormonal, and Kim gave her some good guidance. Sonia Melissa Kruger is an Australian television presenter and best known for co-hosting the Australian version of “Dancing with the Stars.” She also won accolades for the role of Tina Sparkle in the hit 1992 film “Strictly Ballroom.” In preparing fo the interview. the beautiful blonde chose a perfect ensemble from the Kardashian range that completely put her bump out of sight.

Kim congratulated the “Big Brother” presenter after knowing that she is five months pregnant. She then gives her some suggestion about how she should manage the hormonal changes during the pregnancy.

“It’s good to have a good cry though. Here and there, have a good cry and a Tim Tam. Maybe towards the end [I was hormonal] and you just have to ride it out. Use it as a good excuse to just go crazy on everybody,” laughed the reality TV star, as published on the Daily Mail.

The Australian television presenter felt that the guidance really helped and showed appreciation for her.  Despite being the interviewee, Kim kept asking about Sonia’s growing bump.  Kim opened about her wholeheartedness for a big family with husband Kanye.

“I would love [a big family]. If I didn’t have to be pregnant all those times. I would love more, probably not as big as my family. I don’t know if I could do it six times like my mom did. It’s insane. It’s the best [being a mom]. It seems like you’re whole life changes. It seems that you want to provide everything for your baby. It changes your whole life,” explained Kim.

On the other hand, after years of efforts, the Sonia, 49, has conceived and over the moon to announce that she is expecting her first child with partner Craig McPherson in August. Sonia announced her pregnancy on Aug. 23, 2014, with an Instagram post — a picture of her own heels next to a pair of baby’s booties.

According to Daily Mail, after the pregnancy announcement, the Channel 9 favorite revealed in the latest issue of Woman’s Day magazine that she got the help from an egg donor and that she knows the sex of the chilld — she’s having a daughter. “

In the meantime, “The Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star admitted to Tim Dormer in Today the couple are trying level best to conceive for the second time. We wish all the very best to Sonia Kruger and Craig McPherson for her impending bundle of joy and hope Kim Kardashian will soon provide Baby North West with a sibling.

And that’s it for the scoop on Kim Kardashian and Sonia Kruger.  For more entertainment news, stay tuned here on  Movie News Guide (MNG).

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