Kim Kardashian Poses Naked Again for LOVE Magazine

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
Kim Kardashian Poses Naked Again for LOVE Magazine
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/Luke Evans | Kim Kardashian at the Seventh Annual Hollywood Life Magazine Awards.

As if one naked photo shoot wasn’t enough to “break the Internet” last year, Kim Kardashian looks like she’s out to hit the newsstands with yet another naked photo of herself. Read on to learn more about this scoop.

It looks like nude photo shoots are becoming quite prevalent for Kardashian as she sets out naked in another photo shoot, but this time, it’s for LOVE magazine. In case you guys didn’t know, this is not Kardashian’s first time posing nude for covers.

In 2011, her naked photo graced the cover of W magazine, for which the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star cried on TV and said that she would never pose naked again because the magazine allegedly told her that her nude photos wouldn’t be in the magazine. In 2014, though, Kardashian stripped naked for Paper magazine, which caused massive uproar in the Internet world. Some loved her nude photo, but some heavily criticized her for posing naked again and looking as though her body was photoshopped. The good thing about these two photo shoots, though, is that her nude photo for Paper magazine was released three years after her naked photo for W magazine.

“Kim’s camp is upset because it’s one nude after another,” a source told Page Six.

According to their source, because of these consecutive nude covers, people might not want her to pose with clothes anymore. Well then why did Kardashian pose naked for two different magazines if she did not want them to have one of the two post her nude photos in their respective magazines?

The outlet also reported that Kardashian posed naked for photographer Steven Klein, who, according to sources, made the reality star look “balloony, like a Jeff Koons sculpture.” Klein’s reps told them that the allegedly new naked photo for Kardashian was inaccurate and was taken even before her shot with Paper magazine hit the shelves. Klein was also responsible for Kardashian’s photo with bleached eyebrows.

Will Mrs. Kanye West #BreakTheInternet once more with her new naked photo? Or will people grow tired of seeing her pose naked one after another?

Kim Kardashian’s 30-page spread for LOVE magazine will be out in February 2015.

There you have it for the latest scoop on Kim Kardashian posing naked again for LOVE magazine. Stay tuned on Movie News Guide (MNG) for more updates.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Luke Evans


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