Kim Kardashian’s Psychic Discloses Unknown Details about the Kardashians on TV show

By Savitha Muppala | 11 months ago
Kim Kardashian’s Psychic Discloses Unknown Details about the Kardashians on TV show
Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian was a wreck post-Paris Robbery incident. It left her a social recluse grappling with anxiety and post-trauma.

At that time, she approached celebrity psychic Jayne Wallace for help.

Jayne Wallace Bares All

On the TV show Loose Women, Wallace revealed that post the Paris Robbery incident, Kanye West’s wife had opened up to her. Wallace said that she got to know what the family members were like after she had a frank talk with Kardashian.

Wallace said that the thieves when they tied and held the reality star at gunpoint, she felt fear and panic like nothing before.

Even though the Kardashians enjoy an enviable celebrity status, these life events make them human and expose their vulnerable side. She said it is at these times, that everything fades, the power and celebrity status when someone is faced with  a danger to their life.

Wallace Speaks about the Paris Robbery

During the show, they asked Wallace if she could have foreseen this event for the Kardashians? To that, she says that she is certainly not a fortune seller and if there was anything wrong she would certainly have forewarned them.

Jayne Wallace was all praise for the Kardashians. She said that the Kardashians are like any other normal family.

Mirror quoted Wallace as saying,  “She is such a lovely, lovely girl. She is very down to earth and very honest. “Their family is just like any other one I’ve met – they’re just normal.”

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Wallace also said that during her discussion with Kim Kardashian they spoke about several matters. Family, marriage, and babies figured topmost on their discussion.

Her love for her kids and family is now legendary. Obviously, her family’s safety is a priority now for the celebrity diva. She was obviously looking for some answers and solace in her meeting with Jayne Wallace.

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Jayne Grilled by the Team

Wallace also spoke about her client base of celebrities, and how she bonded well with people. She said that meeting people and helping them out with their vulnerabilities gives her a satisfaction like no other.

Hopefully, Kim Kardashian found solace and comfort in her conversation with Wallace.

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