Kim Kardashian Rewards Her 55 Million IG Followers with the Emojis they Deserve

By JB Lazarte | 2 years ago
Kim Kardashian Rewards Her 55 Million IG Followers with the Emojis they Deserve

So how does one of the biggest Hollywood personalities and social media queen like Kim Kardashian celebrate hitting the highly important milestone of achieving 55 million followers on Instagram? By producing her own line of emojis. And how do you call Kim Kardashian’s emojis?

Kimojis,” of course!

Recently on Instagram, the source of highly reliable non-news on just about anybody with a digital phone, Kim Kardashian took a selfie blowing a kiss—but not without making sure her bronze smoky eye and adorably wavy tresses completed the image of a celebrity at the pinnacle of her career. Upon reaching 55 million followers, Kim tried heroically to describe the staggering avalanche of human feelings that promptly inundated her by posting: ““55 MILLION!!!!!!!OMGGGGG!!!!!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!”

But 55 million is 55 million—and after giving birth to a baby boy named Saint earlier this month, Kim is just about as empty as a bottle of Moet champagne on an evening of trying to make Kanye as sated and satisfied as a bull that had actually killed the Spanish matador. But Kim Kardashian, in all her giving, selfless, always-thinking-about-others nature, would not take hitting the 55 million Instagram mark sitting down. So what she does is she commissions some app developer to reinvent how the world expresses every quirk of emotion, take inspiration from Kim Kardashian’s own charmed life, and take ownership of these things by calling them “Kimojis.”

So, a few hours from now, when the calendar hits Dec. 22, 2016, fans can rest easy knowing that from that day forward, they could accentuate their communique with friends and frenemies with Kim’s expertly crafted Kimojis. Because stating “OMG!!!!!!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!” deserves more than just two dozens of unimaginative exclamation points. Stay tuned for actual app details and other download and usage essentials.

Photo source: Instagram.

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