Kim Kardashian Robbery: Keeping Up With the Kardashians Star Testifies in Paris Heist

By Eva Artosilla | 2 years ago
Kim Kardashian Robbery: Keeping Up With the Kardashians Star Testifies in Paris Heist
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The Kim Kardashian robbery case is now rolling and the reality star is now in Paris. She will talk to the judges who will decide on the case. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star will be giving an account of the incident. She will also establish the identity of the robbers.

In relation to the heist, 17 people were arrested and investigated as per TMZ. However, only two of the robbers were identified by Kardashian. They were the ones who tied her up and got her jewelry.

In the French justice system, the judges can come to the accused and interview them unlike in the U.S. system wherein the accused and the judges will be present at a court hearing. The mother-of-two brought along her two children with her to New York minus her husband. She said that she can manage.

Kim Kardashian lost $10 million worth of jewelry including her cherished engagement ring. The ring can no longer be recovered as it was already melted down.

Kim Kardashian Robbery Planned Using Her Social Media Account

According to Jezebel, Aomar Ait Khedache got sufficient information from the star’s social media accounts. The 60-year-old head thief was able to determine the cost of the jewelry and he also learned that she will be in Paris. He then planned the robbery based on the information, he told the French police.

Khedache said, “The jewels were shown on the Internet, and [she said] that she didn’t wear fakes … the time she would arrive in France, you just had to look at the Internet, and you knew everything, absolutely everything.”

He added that a very close person to the Kardashians has given very precise information that helped him determine when she would be vulnerable and alone. The Parisian police are no longer surprised at the information given because Kanye West’s wife gives information on her social media account all the time.

Kim Kardashian and her husband were deeply troubled and afraid of the incident. It was reported that West’s hospitalization was partially due to the Paris robbery. The couple can now relax as the culprits are already in the hands of the police.

The Kim Kardashian robbery incident should be a lesson for celebrities who love to give even the minute details of their lives on social media. Many prowling criminals are just waiting for their chance to steal and to kill using information from social media.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Kim Kardashian

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