Kim Kardashian Receives Flak for Exploiting Daughter North; Kim Defends Herself

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Kim Kardashian Receives Flak for Exploiting Daughter North; Kim Defends Herself
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer | Kim Kardashian West, Parramatta Westfield Sydney Australia

Kim Kardashian has been getting a lot of flak for her parenting style, particularly when she’s always seen toting her daughter with her in many events. But the celebrity said that she had to do it. Read on to find out why.

Kardashian’s step father, Bruce Jenner, is said to be very upset that Kim drags her young daughter with her everywhere. In a report from Hollywood Life, Jenner felt that North is being robbed of her childhood when he sees her photos with her mother in magazines and websites, or when her mother brings her to events that are not meant for children, such as a fashion show. He feels North is being exploited, just like Kim.

Jenner isn’t the only one with this opinion. Sharon Osbourne also had harsh things to say about Kim when it comes to parenting North.

“There’s no reason to think that North is any different,” she said via Daily Mail, alluding to the fact that Kim treats her child like an accessory and dresses her up inappropriately at that. The reality star also posts a lot of photos of her daughter on her Instagram account.

But speaking with Sydney Confidential on the Daily Telegraph Australia, the wife of Kanye West explains that it wasn’t this way all the time. In fact, in the first few months of North as a baby, she and Kanye agreed to limit posting any photos about their daughter. The world actually got to see North’s first photo only two months after she was born.

But why the change of heart now? Kim said she didn’t want any prohibition any more.

“At first I was like: ‘I’m not going to Instagram photos’ or I’m going to try to totally change my life but it was really prohibiting me from spending time with my friends and having my daughter grow up with my friends’ kids, so I’m a lot less protective than I was,” said Kim in the interview.

Kim claims that North is not even aware of the cameras and defends herself saying that being in the constant eye of the public is a huge part of her and her family. She believes that people just “love to get a glimpse” of their life.

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