Kim Kardashian’s Kimoji App Gives the Apple Store a Heart Attack

By JB Lazarte | 2 years ago
Kim Kardashian’s Kimoji App Gives the Apple Store a Heart Attack
Kim Kardashian/Facebook

What’s up with Kim Kardashian regularly breaking the internet? Remember when a sleek photo of her world-famous behind was cover of some magazine, whose purpose was apparently to break the internet? Now, Kim Kardashian can add the Apple Store to the things she has broken, albeit temporarily, when fans came by the hundreds of thousands to simultaneously download her now infamous Kimoji app.


It was only yesterday when Kim announced the availability of her own line of emojis, or emotional icons, that mobile device users can download and use to replace their boring digital keyboards. The availability of what has become subsequently known as “Kimojis” was announced in dubious celebration of Kim Kardashian hitting the 55 million follower mark on Instagram.

The Kimoji keyboard features cartoon depictions of Kim Kardashian’s oft-memed crying face and the word “basic” in a strategically placed speech bubble. A mere few hours after its release on the Apple Store on Monday, hordes of fans have taken to Twitter their frustration over the inability to download the incredibly precious app.

Fortunately, Kim had probably foreseen how her Kimoji app would make people crazy, so much that she was immediately on hand to allay the fears of fans, who might have been staring into the abyss of their utterly bleak lives in the absence of Kim’s Kimoji app. The Apple Store crash, she explained, was due to massive downloads.

On Twitter, she further reassured fans that her app development team is working on the issue, and is also fixing the search so users can easily find it.

Included in the Kim Kardashian-themed emoji were a hairdryer, a donut, a hand with black nail polish, and a car that closely looks like the 2015 Rolls Royce phantom she bought in April, and of course, Kim Kardashian’s bare bottom, available in two options: one with a white G-string, the other with a black).

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