Kim Tae-hee Hypnotizes College Students; ‘Yong Pal’ Receives Backlash Thanks To Line towards Rape Victims

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
Kim Tae-hee Hypnotizes College Students; ‘Yong Pal’ Receives Backlash Thanks To Line towards Rape Victims
Kim Tae-hee allures fellow college students in Seoul National University.

South Korean artist Honey Lee revealed the measure of popularity that “Stairway to Heaven” star Kim Tae-hee had when both of them were still students. How popular was she? Read on for more details.

Honey Lee (real name Lee Ha-nui) said people would flock to Kim Tae-hee because of her stunning beauty.

“When she walks into class, all these people start following her,” Honey Lee said via allkpop report.

Kim recently topped tvN’s “The List 2015,” which talked about South Korean stars having the prettiest faces. She’s not only known for her beauty, but for brains as well, with allkpop saying a “fatal double kill combo.”

Both Lee and Kim studied at the prestigious Seoul National University along with famous names such as Kim Jeong Hoon, Lee Sang Yoon, Lee Juck, and JO Yun Suk/Lucid Fall. Lee finished her B.A. and M.A. in Korean Music studies. Meanwhile, Kim graduated with B.A. in Clothing and Textiles.

Besides acting in “Stairway to Heaven,” Kim Tae-hee also stars in “Yong Pal” together with Joo Won. Won’s character Kim Tae Hyun went through criticism because of a questionable line told to a rape victim. Netizens took to DC Inside (a forum similar to 4chan or Reddit) to express their anger against this line, “You can’t kill innocent people just to cover up your guilty conscience.”

One of the exasperated fans said the line was favoring the rapist in “Yong Pal” (named Cha Seh Yoon). The outlet reported that others commented that it reflects the general attitude that the society had towards rape victims.

The line managed to arrive in the office of Korea Sexual Violence Relief Center director Choi Ran. He said it reveals the distorted and unjustified understanding of sexual violence, especially against women. Choi went on to say that the line could create unintended results such as making victims blaming themselves because they got raped.

SBS, who airs “Yong Pal,” issued a statement saying, “It wasn’t our intention to imply that the blame lies on rape victims. There is the possibility that due to the editing cutting out the scenes before and after, the context wasn’t delivered well.”

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