‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Release Date: Gameplay, Trailer, Preview Revealed At D23 Event?

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Release Date: Gameplay, Trailer, Preview Revealed At D23 Event?
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At last! Disney will be revealing the official release date for the highly anticipated game, “Kingdom Hearts 3.” Will they really announce it at D23?

Fans have been so ecstatic since updates about the Disney’s long-waited “Kingdom Hearts 3” video game from Square Enix were posted all over the net –their excitement to have information about its release date have been the latest buzz around different gaming sites. And it seems like the long wait is finally over, the fans can now calm their nerves as the company is expected to make its first ever announcement at Disney’s D23 event that is set to take place in Anaheim this month.

According to Mater Herald, in the company’s Electronic Entertainment Expo event, they had announced that “Kingdom Hearts 3” will be released next year. However, game director Tetsuya Nomura did not confirm any specific date when will the game be available for sale in the market.

While Nomura declined to reveal the specific date of release, he did reveal that two worlds that have appeared in previous “Kingdom Hearts” games will not be making the cut in the third installment of the video game “Pride Lands” and “Halloweentown” will not be in the released next year, according to DesigNTrend.

In addition to this, it had been previously revealed during E3 that the world from “Tangled” will be part of “Kingdom Hearts 3,” along with the “Olympus Coliseum.” Aside from those two, Nomura declined to reveal any additional information about it.

On the other hand, IGN said that “Kingdom Hearts 3” will be one of the games that Disney is set to present at the D23 event. The site also added that Disney will show an exclusive preview of the gameplay videos and also its trailers, which also include “Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition” and “Star Ware: Battlefront.”

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