Kingsman: The Golden Circle: New Photo Reveals The Cast

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Kingsman: The Golden Circle: New Photo Reveals The Cast
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Kingsman: The Golden Circle was announced as soon as the first movie Kingsman: The Secret Service found success at the box office. With the cast and production getting bigger, a new photo has now given its first look from the movie.

Fans of the planned trilogy will be in for a surprise considering the cast looks so much bigger and better than the first one. Here is what the new photo revealed.

New cast

Entertainment Weekly reported that a new picture shows Kingsman Merlin and Eggsy with their American counterparts Statesman. Joining the new movie is Channing Tatum, Jeff Bridges, Halle Berry, and Pedro Pascal.

Statesman will be the American counterpart of the independent British espionage agency, as both sides will go up against a new villain Poppy played by Julianne Moore.

Tatum in the new picture looks brooding as usual, Bridges as their leader looks intimidating but Berry looks the most impressive with their nerdy look.


The new picture clearly shows who is going to gel well with whom. While Tatum and Taron Egerton’s character Eggsy will probably make a new team on the field, Mark Strong’s Merlin will probably have a nice chemistry with Berry’s character.

Strong himself suggested that he likes his role and what makes his role unique is that despite being a nerd, he can handle himself in a situation of conflict.

He also suggested that another nice thing in the upcoming movie is that he finds his equivalent in Statesman, who is Berry’s character. Further questioned if there could be a romantic angle between the two nerds, he only teased about a geeky love.

Director’s comments

As far as Director Matthew Vaughn is concerned, he believes that just doing a sequel, originality seems to get violated. So when he was thinking of doing a sequel, his imagination went rogue and some really unique things were introduced to it.

According to him, fans will be able to see things like mechanical dogs, electric cowboy style lasso that can slash enemies.

Lead stars’ comments

Egerton who remains in the center of the movie stated that if the first movie was like Captain America, Kingsman: The Golden Circle will definitely be more like The Avengers.

Compared to the first time when he had not faced camera even once, the actor mentioned that he is facing some pressure now. Since he has had experience working in films now, he mentioned that he is not asking every little question this time around.

With the movie essentially being an ensemble this time around, it would be interesting to see how do Kingsman and Statesman work together to bring down the main enemy.

Returning character

This time around, the movie is not just about the stars that are a part of it. Reports are suggesting some older faces too might be returning. Colin Firth who played Harry Hart in the first movie could be the one returning.

He was shown getting killed by Samuel Jackson’s character in the first movie, however, updates have been reporting that Hart could be back for the sequel. There was a note released some time back, which looked like was written by the fictional character.

It hinted that his death has been greatly exaggerated as it also got fans excited that he could be coming back. In addition to this, there was a picture posted of Firth’s character in full dress, which only raised speculations everywhere.

On being questioned about his character’s return, Firth stated that he has heard the rumors but cannot reveal anything. However, he also mentioned that since anything is possible, fans might just see his return. With a new villain on the block, it remains to be seen how does the story unfold and what twists are revealed.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle will be released this year, on Sept. 29.


Photo source: Instagram/kingsmanmovie


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