Kirstie Alley Looks Stunning On Letterman Post Weight Loss

By admin | 7 years ago

On Monday, 60-year old Kirstie Alley showed off her slim figure on David Letterman. She wore a stunningly sexy long flowing purple gown. She posed outside Letterman’s studio looking very glamorous with her long blond hair, gold shoes and gold jewelry.

Kirstie told reporters that she was proud of her weight loss and wants everyone to see her new slimmed-down body.

Alley has lost 90 pounds since her appearance on the hit show “Dancing With The Stars.” She told reporters that she lost 60 pound before doing the show and lost another 30 pound by the time her stint ended in May.

Kirstie says she is still dancing to keep in shape. She says she dances just about every day. She also said she likes Latin dancing the best because it gives her a great cardio workout.

On her appearance on Letterman, Kirstie confronted him about the fat jokes he made about her. As 64-yeear old Letterman looked on, she read from a card some of the nasty jokes Letterman had made about. Letterman appeared to be very uncomfortable and embarrassed. He apologized to Kirstie.

Slimming down is a great triumph for Kirstie because years ago she was fired by Weight Watchers for gaining weight.

Kirstie Alley Looks Stunning On Leterman
Kirstie Alley Looks Stunning On Leterman

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