Kiss’ Gene Simmons Teaches People How To Make Money?

By Sumeet Kaur | 2 years ago
Kiss’ Gene Simmons Teaches People How To Make Money?
Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons, co-lead singer of Kiss, the rock band went to New Zealand with his band for the first time in seven years. In the interview, Gene Simmons talked about himself, money, and his book, “ME, INC: Build an Army of One. Unleash your Inner Rock God. Win in Life and Business” and also answers questions related to 2001 book, “Kiss and Make-up”. People who loved the show, “Gene Simmons Family Jewels” would like his books too.

The 66-year-old bass guitarist in the interview said that he felt great about it that he was rich. He believes that capitalism is good, and even the most hated, selfish, and rich people are good people because they create work opportunities for others. Simmons’ book, “Kiss and Make-up” made headlines in 2001 and now his book, “ME, INC” is also making news.

In his 2001 book, he disclosed that he made love to 4,600 women while he also had long-term relationships with other women, like Cher and Diana Ross. About his new book, he says, “Anyone who wants to know how to make a serious success of their lives should read my new book.” Simmons told the interviewer that as a child, he had seen poverty; but now he was a happy and rich man. “If anyone understands how a brand works, it’s me.”

Simmons’ official website receives huge traffic everyday, where fans make purchase of Kiss baby bibs, Kiss belt buckles, Kiss rubber duck for bath, Kiss coffee tables, and much more. Simmons felt proud to tell that there is also a Kiss golf course in Las Vegas, Kiss limo service, Kiss restaurant chain, and a Kiss football team. Simmons’ Kiss is also into real estate and publishing, and has also set up organizations for making films. He boasted that he was not qualified to do all this and qualification is an overrated topic. “The captain of a superliner has no f***ing idea how the boat’s engine works, but the guy that does know makes the least money. Personally, I’d rather be the captain.”

Many media people and intellectuals have stated that the book was Gene Simmons’ lengthy and confusing ego trip. But The Wall Street Journal has a different opinion. According to it, “Turn to any page, pick a random sentence and likely find potent words of wisdom”. Everyone talks about Gene Simmons’ tongue and has been lately talking about Gene Simmons’ net worth 2015 and now The Wall Street Journal has given people to talk about his book too.

When asked about his 2001 book, “Kiss and Make-up’, he said that some musicians have destructive habits and the victims are always their children, and women who have chosen to stay in their life. He advises women to not to marry early as men turn trustworthy only with passing age.

Photo Source: Facebook/Gene Simmons

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