Kitsch Hopes his Third Movie of 2012 is a Hit

By admin | 6 years ago

Taylor Kitsch has starred in two expensive domestic box office flops this year, which were John Carter and Battleship. But it doesn’t stop him from wanting to achieve Hollywood stardom. On Friday, the actor returns to the movie screens via Oliver Stone’s Savages. Taylor Kitsch

Savages is based on Don Winslow’s book of the same title. It is set in southern California where drug dealers, crime gangs, and marijuana growers flourish. If the movie succeeds in the box office, it can help overcome his previous bombs. But if his streak continues, he said that he will stay focused on his craft and keep working to achieve his long term goals.

John Carter, an adventure movie set on Mars, and Battleship, about the U. S. Navy warding off an alien invasion, both had production budget of over $200 million. They came with all the hype that comes with major movie releases. Had any of the two movies became a blockbuster, Kitsch would have gotten movie superstardom straight from being a star of the hit TV show Friday Night Lights.

John Carter made only $73 million at the domestic box offices while Battleship earned around $65 million. Both movies did better overseas and got $300 million each. But even if that was the case, the film makers only got half of that revenue back.

In Savages, Kitsch plays Chon, a former Navy SEAL who runs a successful marijuana growing business with his best friend Ben (Aaron Johnson). They share a girlfriend O (Blake Lively). A Mexican drug gang kidnaps her when they refused to give up their business. Chon and Ben goes after the gang.

Other stars in the cast of Savages include Salma Hayek, Benicio Del Tori and John Travolta. Director Stone is a three time Academy Award winner for movies JFK and Platoon.

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