Kitty Brucknell ‘sings topless’

By admin | 7 years ago

To Dress Appropriately Or Not To Dress Appropriately

It seems that television anchors and the news media will do almost anything for the sake of entertainment these days. Even with limited obligations for the media and freedom of speech, the X-Factor show may have still crossed a line the other day when Kitty Brucknell decided it would be an excellent idea to sing naked. The actress reportedly arrived in a silver body suit with eye makeup and no shirt.

It seems she was ready to sing topless.

At least she had a leotard on for protection, right?

Brucknell’s singing performance was commented as “pretty good”, but her uniform seems to be what is getting her the most attention. It was her ending, though, that had almost everyone speechless: she took off her jacket and revealed her rather revealing outfit.

Kitty Brucknell 'sings topless'
Kitty Brucknell 'sings topless'

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