Know About Prince Harry’s Touching Tribute To Princess Diana And Nanny Olga

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
Know About Prince Harry’s Touching Tribute To Princess Diana And Nanny Olga
Prince Harry Committed A Lifelong Tribute To Princess Diana And Nanny Olga That Will Help Young HIV Victims

Even though Prince Harry’s name was dragged to certain allegations and controversies before, he never miss the chance of helping other people, especially when he is moved with their stories and circumstances. He is doing it again for an African country and the touching part is that he wants to pay a tribute in loving memory of two significant women in his life. Read On!

According to Express, the royal prince has established the charity organization “Sentebale” together with the Prince Seeiso from Lesotho back in 2006. There will be a new facility aimed to help children struggling with HIV. The country has a high rate of HIV-related cases and majority of its population are living in poverty.

The dining hall of the said facility will be named after Princess Diana. Cathy Ferrier, Sentebale’s chief executive, released a statement and said, “We felt that we should acknowledge Harry‘s mother as well, so we decided the dining hall was a very appropriate place. It’s the place where all the children will gather three times a day (for meals) plus do games and drama and goodness knows what else – it felt like the right place to be in memory of his mother.”


There will also be a charity building that will be established in Lesotho and soon to be named after his nanny Olga Powell who first served the royal family when Prince Harry is still an infant. She passed away last 2012 at the age of 82.

In a report from MailOnline, Prince Seeiso shared that the Princess Diana is indeed influential to the British prince. “If we were born of privilege we should pay back to society in some way or another and this is why we started this project. Princess Diana, she broke the earth in terms of breaking out of what had been done before and Harry wants to continue that,” he said.

With the power and fortune that Prince Harry has, it’s heartwarming to see he uses it for a noble cause.

Photo Source: Kensington Palace/Twitter

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