Know Who Are The Two New Showrunners For Supergirl Season 3

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
Know Who Are The Two New Showrunners For Supergirl Season 3
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Supergirl has been renewed for a third season. The new season will bring new adventures and new enemies to fight for Melissa Benoist’s character. Now, an update is also reporting that the show will have two new showrunners.

The decision to have two new showrunners was revealed recently and they are also believed to have been associated with the network.

Two new showrunners for Supergirl season 3

Screen Rant reported that Jessica Qweller and Robert Rovner have been named as the two newest co-showrunners for Supergirl season 3. The two were promoted recently and would be running the show with co-creator Andrew Kreisberg.

The outlet also stated that with their promotion, they would also be joining the ranks of co-creators Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter. It should be noted that the two were brought aboard following the exit of co-creator and co-showrunner Ali Adler. Despite her exit, Adler will still serve as a consultant on Supergirl.

Previous experiences with other shows

Before Qweller and Rovner were promoted, they were known to have quite the experience in the industry. Qweller has been involved with female-led shows like Supergirl, Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl and Felicity. 

She has also been known to have countless years of experience, making her a good choice for the co-showrunner position. Rovner, on the other hand, has worked as an executive producer and a showrunner on the show called Private Practice.

The outlet also stated that before their promotion, the two also starred in different videos, which would promote new episodes from Supergirl season 2. Going by that, it seems the two were being groomed to take bigger positions in the series.

Season 2 recap

The previous season posed a lot of challenges for Supergirl. The show finally brought her famous cousin and made him fight crime with her.

On-screen, the two had amazing chemistry as they bonded like actual siblings. She made new friends, found love with Mon-El, lost it and eventually saved the world from a dominant threat like Rhea.

While it is not known if characters like Mon-El will be back in the new season, Kara will continue to have new challenges, which will only compel her to take her responsibilities more seriously.

Since it was hinted in the previous season itself that another Kryptonian called Reign will be the main villain, a reunion with her Daxamite lover seems plausible.

Season 3 expectations

With the new season airing, it will perhaps take off from where the previous season ended.  Supergirl will have to fight Reign, which means the major focus will be on developing Reign’s character and why is she the way she is.

There is also the possibility of Supergirl finding love again just in case Mon-El never makes it out of the wormhole that sent him to some other part of the universe.

Many familiar characters are also expected to return, which means the show will also not be introducing too many new characters.


Supergirl revolves around Superman’s cousin who has more or less been under his wing. Kara Zor-El much like Kal-El was sent to Earth to look after her infant cousin.

But since she was trapped in the phantom zone for years, by the time her ship managed to escape that, Kal-El was already grown up and had become famous as Superman.

He put Kara under the care of Danvers family. Growing up with Alex Danvers, Kara moved to National City to pursue a career of her own. But an unwanted incident ended up exposing her real powers.

She took the identity of Supergirl and became the savior of the city. Until now she has collaborated with other heroes and has defended the world with flair.

Premiere date

Supergirl season 3 will premiere on Oct. 9 on The CW.


Photo source: Facebook/Supergirl


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