Know The Upcoming Projects Of ‘Mission: Impossible’ Star Tom Cruise!

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
Know The Upcoming Projects Of ‘Mission: Impossible’ Star Tom Cruise!
Tom Cruise

Does a successful movie make a difference? Sometime back, the might of Tom Cruise was under scanner as the spectacular movie “Edge of Tomorrow” was unable to pull out audience. Then came the sequel of “Mission: Impossible” that washed away all the questions that were erupting on the credibility of Tom Cruise.

Banking on the success of Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, the A-lister star has some new projects in his mind. Tom Cruise teamed up with director Ed Zwick and Paramount, and start the work on “Jack Reacher 2.” Ed is known for the wonderful work in “The Last Samurai” that came out in 2003 starring Cruise.

According to, before Tom Cruise plays the role of Ethan Hunt one more time, director Doug Liman wants him to work for “Luna Park.” The screenwriting for “Luna Park” is none other than Jason Fuchs, a name associated with “Wonder Woman” and “Pan.” The writer will be ready with his work soon to start the shooting.

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In the recent times, “Luna Park” has made rapid development. It came to notice first in September when Liman and Cruise were seen talking about it. The story line of the movie is interesting too. Fans and viewers will be taken on a task where they will bring back some valuable energy source from the moon.

After listening to the story of the movie, it is understandable that Doug Liman and Tom Cruise are there to make it. The problem in making such movie is that there is mixed response from the audience and this effects the credibility of the actor.

According to, “Edge of Tomorrow” just managed to crawl down to a decent score. “Oblivion” did not made any long lasting impact either, even though reviews were quite decent.

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