Kobe Bryant Is Loyal To The Los Angeles Lakers: Says He is a Laker!

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Kobe Bryant Is Loyal To The Los Angeles Lakers: Says He is a Laker!

Kobe Bryant is the new target for acquisition for the New York Knicks, but he ain’t going. Even though mentor and Knicks coach, Phil Jackson, tried to signal to call Bryant to his team, Bryant doesn’t want to go. Bryant declared on the Los Angeles Lakers’ media day that he was a “Laker,” which probably means that he may finish his career with the team that basically kept him happy for twenty years. Read on.

Bryant has been with Los Angeles Lakers all his career. He signed up with them in 1996 and he is still going strong with them. And he isn’t just with them because they pay him well, he is loyal to the Lakers and won’t budge from the team even if his old mentor Phil Jackson calls him to play for another team.

“I am a Laker, man!” he declared to the reporters on the Lakers’ media day. “How many times do I have to say that?” he asked with considerable chagrin when he was asked about his future with the team.

Bryant is not the first player who loves the Lakers so much that he can’t think of going to another team. Basketball Hall of Fame Stars Magic Johnson, Jerry West, and James Worthy also played for the team their entire career and are still loyal to the team. Worthy was expecting Bryant to be loyal. He said that Bryant would obviously be loyal to the team, because this is where he made his life. “It obviously means a lot to him,” he added.

Jackson had recently speculated that the next season may not be Bryant’s last season, even though he has been at it for twenty long years. He had speculated that Bryant would want to move to a different team after his contract with the Lakers expired. While Bryant is still happy with the Lakers, there is a good chance that other teams might want to entice him with better contracts. Only time can tell if Jackson was right about Bryant.

Yahoo! Sports reported the news first.

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