Kobe Bryant Says His Brief Talk With President Barack Obama Is ‘Inspirational’

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
Kobe Bryant Says His Brief Talk With President Barack Obama Is ‘Inspirational’
Kobe Bryant Said His Brief Talk With President Barack Obama Is ‘Inspirational’

Kobe Bryant has recently announced his retirement from playing basketball in the elite competition of NBA amidst opinions of critics that he isn’t performing well like he used to because of his age. In the middle of the losing streak and his below average shooting statistics, he suddenly pulled off a game-winning performance against Washington Wizard. Prior to the game, he had a close encounter with President Barack Obama. Was it his lucky charm?

According to CBS Sports, when the Los Angeles Lakers went to the capital city for their latest NBA game, he did not miss the opportunity to visit the White House and have a brief talk with the President himself. The meeting apparently lasted for only 5-10 minutes which is understandable because the leader of their nation has several matters in his schedule.


The Lakers player said that they discussed about different things. “We talked a lot about the game…the future and what comes next,” he shared.

In a report from Reuters, the Black Mamba explained that his talk with President Obama was “inspirational.” Many have speculated it helped him boost his morale in their game versus the Wizards wherein he scored 31 points, his best so far in the current season.

What was the difference between his last performance compared to the rest of his games? He admitted that he is more relaxed this time. He explained, “I’m trying to stay as loose as possible. Jumping up and down, running in place and doing all those things that old guys do at the gym that you see and make fun of.”

As the days fly by faster, his fans are still not prepared to see him hanging his jersey, hence, they are making sure to support him in his remaining games. In fact, there were a crowd of his supporters in the homecourt of Wizards when they played against them.

Will Kobe Bryant bank another game-winning performance in their next matches?

Photo Source: Los Angeles Lakers/Facebook

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