Korean Chart-Killer IU Will Record New Songs, “Modern Times” Singer Will Produce Own Album?

By Lex Lopez | 2 years ago
Korean Chart-Killer IU Will Record New Songs, “Modern Times” Singer Will Produce Own Album?

Lee Ji-Eun, better known to the Korean Wave scene as IU, is believed to be making a return. The winsome 22-year-old South Korean singer-songwriter and actress as reported by All K-Pop is set to staged a comeback without a producer anytime soon. Read on.

The full detail of this recent news flash has still remained quite vague as of the moment.

“It’s true that right now, IU is preparing for a comeback on her own without a producer. However, no details have been confirmed,” said a representative from the singer’s music company.

However, this brand new proclamation immediately stirred the rabid following of the “Modern Times” artist. The comments section of the aforementioned website straight away generated numerous commentaries more often than not citing that IU will have another “perfect kill” in the charts. The “You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin” actress has won a staggering 64 music and film awards, 32 of which are from Korea’s music program awards.

A fan named Lalique commented that:

“Her 3rd album “Modern Times” is still one of the best Kpop albums ever created, a true masterpiece! Can’t wait for her to comeback and slay everyone with the new album! IU is my queen”.

While whatever101 felt sorry for other Korean wave artists:

“how unfortunate for the competition, the 5 consecutive weeks at no.1, 1 year on the charts, most songs to get no.1, living goddess IU aka slayU is gonna wipe the competition clean and show them how LOW their songs can on the charts can really go when they compete against her”.

Uaena84 was more direct with the presumed brutality:

“Yeah, she will kill the chart, maybe dozen perfect kills… poor another singer or groups to release song at the same time with her hehehehe Our Queen will slay, UAENA will”.

Despite her last album being released in 2013, IU has quite a busy schedule with her television drama “The Producers” as cited by KDrama Stars just wrapping it up last June.

IU also as a sign of her impending return to the studio mesmerizingly gave her own rendition of a song from BIG BANG during the ‘2015 Melody Forest Camp’ as reported by AllKPop.


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Photo source: Facebook/IU – Lee Ji Eun

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