Do KPOP Boybands CNBLUE and Super Junior Suffer Popularity Decline?

By Rey Martin | 2 years ago
Do KPOP Boybands CNBLUE and Super Junior Suffer Popularity Decline?
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Korean boybands CNBLUE and Super Junior both have huge fan bases, but it was recently reported that they are both suffering from popularity decline in their own country, South Korea. How true is that? Read on for more details.

CNBLUE, a boyband formed by FNC Entertainment, debuted in 2009. On the other hand, Super Junior from SM Entertainment debuted in 2005. Each group released a new album this year. Unfortunately, neither of the two were able to get into the Top 10 of any music charts in Korea for this month.

According to Kpop Starz, the longevity of both groups did not save their recent comebacks because their new singles failed to get attention from people. On July 16th, Super Junior released “Devil,” the first part of their special 10th anniversary commemorative album. They released “Magic,” the second part of the album, on September 16th. “Devil” managed to appear in the Top 10 of multiple music charts in Korea, but failed to rank up in the Top 100 music charts.

CNBLUE seemed to have the same fate. “Cinderella,” which is actually the group’s first single in over a year, did not manage to rank high on the Korean music charts. The song wasn’t even on the top of any music chart in Korea.

Super Junior’s “Magic” album obtained success on physical charts, but failed on digital charts. Same thing happened to CNBLUE’s “2gether” album. CNBLUE’s “Cinderella” obtained about 1.2 million views a week after the music video was uploaded on YouTube. Super Junior’s “Magic” music video gathered around 2.7 million views within its first week of being uploaded on the said video-sharing website.

Because of these, KPOP fans couldn’t help but express their disappointment with the agencies that handle both groups on YouTube.

It will be recalled that ELFs, Super Junior’s fans, expressed their frustration about Magic’s album cover earlier this month. On September 12th, All Kpop reported that ELFs were happy to see that their favorite KPOP group was going to release a Part 2 of their 10th anniversary album, but very disappointed to see its simple cover. They said that the album cover “looked like it was made in no time at all.” According to the report, even Super Junior member Heechul allegedly put a comment on his band mate Eunhyuk’s Instagram post asking if the cover has been designed using MS Paint.

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Photo Source: Super Junior Official Website

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