Kris Jenner And Caitlyn Jenner Getting Remarried On TV; Money Making Stunt Is On

By Sohini Biswas | 2 years ago
Kris Jenner And Caitlyn Jenner Getting Remarried On TV; Money Making Stunt Is On

Kris Jenner has been frequently reported to fabricated craziest and most bizarre ideas to hike up the ratings of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” (KUWTK), but this time Kris wants to get ‘remarried’ to Caitlyn Jenner in a stupendous TV wedding. Read on for more details.

The eminent “momager,” who is the architect behind the prosperity of her TV reality show, definitely knows the good money-making stunts. Like always Kris has come up with a complete new plan of kick-starting her show’s rating by using her ex-husband’s Caitlyn Jenner gender transition, for her own benefits, reports Hollywood Life.

Earlier this month, when Kim Kardashian shared the first ever photo on social media of former lovers, Kris and Caitlyn together again, fans went gaga, subsequently the Kardashian matriarch disclosed the plan of “getting remarried” to Caitlyn.

An insider reveals to In Touch Weekly, “Kris is desperate for attention and validation and wants to feel she’s still a viable producer and reality star.”

Well, Kris is now ready to end up all feuds with Caitlyn. She wants Caitlyn to assist her carry out one of the most flamboyant inhibit of her profession. Yes, Kris is talking to Caitlyn about getting remarried. She sees a lot of possibilities of making money hence she wants to get “back in bed” but only on TV; otherwise Kris is very happy with Corey Gamble.

Kris supposedly believes if she and Caitlyn stand next to each other in their mind-boggling wedding attires and get remarried on TV, fans would definitely go nuts gaining her some serious ground in her career. This idea makes Kris ‘deliriously happy.’

According to Hollywood Line, media expert David Johnson reveals “Kris marrying Caitlyn would be ratings gold for the network airing the ceremony.”

The expert further adds the broadcast of Kris and Caitlyn remarriage on TV reality show could bring in as much as $15 millions, and brands would want to be emphasized for enhancing their products.

Now, this is earnestly crazy! Even though she doesn’t need them, it seems like Kris Jenner is extremely desperate to earn some extra bucks, even at the cost of imperiling her already delicate relationship with her ex-husband Caitlyn Jenner.

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Photo Source: Twitter/Kim Kardashian 

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