Kristen Stewart To Continue Her Action Hero Avatar In ‘Equals’

By Akul Sharma | 2 years ago
Kristen Stewart To Continue Her Action Hero Avatar In ‘Equals’

Kristen  Stewart’s next film “Equals” promises thrilling action.

Years ago, when the first “Twilight” premiered, who would have thought Kristen Stewart would become an action star? In subsequent “Twilight” films, Stewart showed off her butt-kicking skills, she did the same in “Snow White and the Hunstsman” and recently again in “American Ultra.”

“American Ultra” also stars Jesse Eisenberg as a spy being hunted down and both the actors have done some pretty impressive fight scenes in the film. But that is not the end. According to Bustle, Stewart’s upcoming film “Equals” features more action than any of her previous projects.

A sci-fi romance film, “Equals” will establish Stewart as an action star. Nicholas Hoult also stars in the film which will premiere at Venice Film Festival in September.

Characters of Stewart and Hoult are members of a futuristic utopia, a world in constant peace and no conflict or turmoil. But both of them contract mysterious diseases and they have to hide it from the government and the public as they kind of become enemy of the state. It is then that they make a plan to escape.

“Equals” is directed by Drake Doremus and also stars Australian actor Guy Pearce and Jacki Weaver.

Although no trailer has been released yet, pictures from the film shooting and production have been released which have shot up the anticipation for the film. Also, from what we have learnt of the story, it is a mixture between “X-Men,” “The Giver,” and “Never Let Me Go.” What an incredible blend it would be!

Post-“Twilight” life has been good for Stewart with huge praises for “Still Alice,” Best Supporting Actress for “Clouds of Sils Maria” at Cannes and “American Ultra” is expected to be a box office hit. She has also signed on for a Woody Allen film.

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