Kristen Stewart Deserves To Be Dumped By Robert Pattinson? Wendy Williams Tells Stewart To Stop Using Pattinson

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
Kristen Stewart Deserves To Be Dumped By Robert Pattinson? Wendy Williams Tells Stewart To Stop Using Pattinson
Wendy Williams slams Kristen Stewart for using breakup with Robert Pattinson.

Wendy Williams has blamed Kristen Stewart for her breakup with Robert Pattinson. Did Stewart deserve the pain she had? Read on for more details.

Following Stewart’s recent statement about feeling hurt when she and Pattinson broke up around 2014, Williams was unhappy about the former “Twilight” Bella Swan actress.

Why? Well according to Williams, it was Stewart’s fault.

“Kristen did you forget that Rob dumped you because you were cheating with your director, Rupert Sanders, who was married?!” Williams said in an October 5 issue of Life & Style via Classicalite report.

The October 5 issue reportedly cited Wendy Williams who believed Kristen Stewart was just using her past with Robert Pattinson, who is now rumored to tie the knot with FKA Twigs, to stay relevant. Williams also said Stewart should move on from the past and start rebuilding her career away from the shadows of “Twilight.”

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In her interview with Kim Davis of Daily Beast, Stewart admitted the “incredible” pain she felt after her split with Pattinson. She also confessed that she used those emotions to successfully portray her role as Nia in “Equals,” which is a film about exploring the first love.

Obviously, the movie’s plot touched the very thing that Stewart was trying to move on or bury. And to go through it again or dig it up was for her scary besides being emotionally tiring.

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However, Stewart acknowledged that at least her breakup with Pattinson proved to be helpful.

“This movie was a meditation on firsts, and a meditation on maintaining, and meditation on the ebbs and flows of what it’s like to love someone – your feelings versus your ideals, the bursting of bubbles, the shattering of dreams you thought were possible, and what you have conducted with as things get more realistic,” Stewart revealed.

It seems Kristen Stewart has learned big from her past with Robert Pattinson.

“Relationships, you just never ******* know,” Stewart confessed.

And it was to this interview that Wendy Williams said, “I have no sympathy for Kristen.”

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