Kristen Stewart Explains Her ‘Resting’ Face: What The Actress Wishes To Say When Woody Allen Questioned About This?

By Bindhu Mol. G | 2 years ago
Kristen Stewart Explains Her ‘Resting’ Face: What The Actress Wishes To Say When Woody Allen Questioned About This?
Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is known for her grouchy resting face, even though she does not keep it like that purposely. Know what the actress has to say about this when asked by director Woody Allen. Read on for more details.

According to MTV News, it is amazing that the “Twilight” actress talked about her resting face while discussing with MTV News about her upcoming film “Equals,” at Toronto International Film Festival.

“I think I can be light sometimes, but I can’t hide anything. So if I’m thinking about something I look really puzzled,” Stewart said.

Stewart plays a cheerful and happy character in director Woody Allen’s film she is currently working on with co-star Jesse Eisenberg. It seems that even the director Allen has noticed the resting face of Stewart. He asked Stewart about her “resting face” and asked whether her face is always like that in a “state of repose.”

The actress feels that she a kind of thoughtful person. However, as Eisenberg was in front of her, she could answer nothing, but just laughed for Allen’s question.

Stewart is not actually bothered about her resting face. “A face is a face is a face,” she wonders why people question about face. Frankly, she thinks, “it’s all bullsh-t.”

Are you upset? What is the matter? Are you in trouble? Are you unhappy? It is quite normal that when a person has a resting face, his/ her well-wishers might ask questions regarding it. This is what has happened in case of Stewart. However, some might even think that she is unhappy for having lost her ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson to FKA Twigs.

Is she having it purposely because she is upset of having lost her relationship with Robert Pattinson, or because of some other reason? Is it because her face is normally like that? What do you think about Kristen Stewart’s resting face? Let us know your comments!

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Photo Source: Facebook/ Kristen Stewart

Article Source: MTV News

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