Kristen Stewart’s Fake Orgasms In ‘Twilight’ Were ‘Impressive:’ Robert Pattinson Felt Embarrased

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
Kristen Stewart’s Fake Orgasms In ‘Twilight’ Were ‘Impressive:’ Robert Pattinson Felt Embarrased
Kristen Stewart fake orgasm

Over the years, Kristen Stewart has been praised for her acting and her ability to fake orgasm on the silver screen. Apparently, the 25-years-old American actress is extremely good at putting on all kinds of emotions, including those that needed when one has to pretend to have steamy hot sex.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, the director of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn,” Bill Condon said that he really loved Kristen Stewart’s acting and was very pleased by her excellent performance while doing certain scenes.


“She’s incredibly smart and committed, she played such a range of emotions across a single film, from wedding jitters to death throes to 
vampire orgasm – I mean, if you can pull that off, you can do anything,” Condon said.

In other news, Robert Pattinson has spoken many a times that having sex with his that time girlfriend, Kristen Stewart in “Breaking Dawn” was strange and now, after four years of the release of the film the actor revealed another reason why having sex in that film wasn’t great at all!

Well lots of the fans did enjoy watching Robert Pattinson’s eyes while he was having sex with Kristen in “Breaking Dawn,” but now if these things are true then we are sure that Kristen, who faked her entire orgasm in the scene was a very versatile vampire.


In an interview with Espectacular TV, Robert Pattinson said that when they were shooting the sex scene for 2011 fantasy romance movie, “Breaking Dawn” he had to pretend that he was having hot sex with his co-star, Kristen Stewart – while the entire crew was looking right at him.

“We were staring into the camera doing orgasm faces and stuff, and it becomes unbelievably embarrassing,” Rob added.

Having sex when there are tons of people are watching is never going to be that spectacular, and at certain point, during the shoot, Pattinson was worried and also felt embarrassed.

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Image Source: Facebook/Kristen Stewart

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