Kristen Stewart Fans Call FKA Twigs ‘Parasite’ To Robert Pattinson; Twigs Fans Show Support

By Martin Suan | 3 years ago
Kristen Stewart Fans Call FKA Twigs ‘Parasite’ To Robert Pattinson; Twigs Fans Show Support
FKA Twig’s fans defend her from recent issues about her.

Followers of Robert Pattinson’s fiancée FKA Twigs are now giving their support for the “Water Me” singer via Twitter after receiving mockeries from fans of “Twilight” saga actress Kristen Stewart. What did they say? Read on for more details.

“fka twigs and robert pattinson are my favorite couple atm, just wow,” @slotherful tweeted.

Another Twitter user also said that Kristen fans gave way too much importance to FKA twigs, implying that they should leave her if they do not care for her or her music.

One fan showed support for the relationship that Robbert Pattinson and FKA Twigs have.

“So much has happened. So happy for them. #FKAtwigs and #RobertPattinson,” @Z5cathy.

Twigs got the close scrutiny of some of Kristen Stewart’s fans after knowing that she’s Robert Pattinson’s girlfriend, now a wife-to-be. One even labeled her as someone who is a parasite.

Kristen Stewart Fans Attack FKA Twigs Due To Insecurity?

“Never seen anyone so manipulative. Disgusting that she’s managed to attach herself to Rob. #FKAtwigs #parasite,” @saveRobnow tweeted.

Previous rumors noted Twigs to be insecure at Kristen, especially when she was said to be certain that the latter is trying to sabotage her career. Celebrity Dirty Laundry cited an insider saying that Twig was “certain” that Kristen is doing it, through buddying up with Kanye West as well as bad-mouthing her to the blasphemous rapper.

Further, the source revealed that the “YouTube Music Awards” winner FKA Twigs was reportedly not happy after knowing that Kristen was hanging out with the infamous Kanye. This is because Twigs admired the rapper.

This led other Kristen fans mock Twigs, taking her feelings to be funny, absurd, or that she’s just being paranoid.

“So FKA Twigs is threatened by Kristen Stewart because she saw her hanging with Kanye? She thinks she’ll steal Robert Pattinson back? [crying],” MStarz cited @teetag48.

However, no one really knows the real score between “Queen of the Desert” actor Robert Pattinson, “Lallapalooza” performer FKA Twigs, and “American Ultra” actress Kristen Stewart. Here’s to hoping that everything would turn out well between the stars.

“Queen of the Desert” is set to release this year and “American Ultra” in August 21.

The “Lallapalooza” is scheduled at 12 PM, July 31, Chicago, IL, United States.

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Photo source: Facebook/FKA Twigs.

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