‘Kristen Stewart’ Is Feeling for ‘Nick Hoult’ In The Same Way As She Does For Robert Pattinson?

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
‘Kristen Stewart’ Is Feeling for ‘Nick Hoult’ In The Same Way As She Does For Robert Pattinson?
Kristen Stewart feels Nick Hoult in the same way as she does for her ex- boyfriend Robert Pattinson?

The movie “Equals” is being filmed together by Kristen Stewart and her co-star Nicholas Hoult and it is being affirmed that they are dating one another. Stewart is also seeing a different psychiatrist, and this is helping her to cite all her feelings of becoming a star. Read on for more details.

Apart from this, it is claimed that when Stewart and Robert Pattinson had dated, Stewart had taken her relationship and feelings very earnestly with him. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the”Twilight” star affirmed that she has wrapped up the filming and shooting of the “Equals” to make her not to go through the phase of her split-up once again.

In an interview about the movie through Elle Magazine, the 25-year-old actress also said that one is still never away from their first love. The movie in the making was a very painful and purgative one. She claimed that she was overawed by the movie because she was sure that the movie would hurt. It would bring back all the memories of her being with Pattinson. She said that if they do the movie the right way, it is very basic and young. According to one of the sources, Stewart is said to be meeting three psychiatrists to help her recover from her breakup or any problems in her life.

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She also admitted that for a session with her psychiatrists, she would run away from the sets of her movie. She also said that she has various problems and issues in her life that are helped by these counseling sessions.

Apart from this, Stewart has also claimed that being with Hoult, seems as if she is dating him. Stewart claimed that she feels great when she is with her co-star.Stewart knew that taking up this movie would help her generate liking from her first ever romance with Robert Pattinson.

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