Kristen Stewart on ‘Welcome to the Rileys’: “Not the easiest thing subject matter”

By admin | 8 years ago

Vacant-eyed starlet Kristen Stewart has stated that she found it difficult to portray a stripper in the new movie Welcome to the Rileys, but was able to distance herself from the role after she completed filming.

“As much as every character definitely sticks with you and you wear part of that, I sort of figured that it’s like any life experience that you have that is a big deal,” says Stewart. “It changes you and shapes you in a certain way.

The Twilight star goes in: “If you do a movie, especially this one – not the easiest thing subject matter-wise – it stuck with me. But not in a way that’s like, ‘Oh, I can’t stop thinking about how horrible that was’. Not at all.”

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