Kristen Stewart Turns Army Private in ‘Camp X-Ray’ [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
Kristen Stewart Turns Army Private in ‘Camp X-Ray’ [WATCH VIDEO]

Usually known for her overly stoic demeanor in almost every role she portrays, Kristen Stewart puts her poker face to good use, gets out of the mainstream and delves into the deep film making in her upcoming military drama “Camp X-Ray.” Read on for further details.

It’s never easy for an actor who’s been the center of sensational stories with heavy-ridden bashing. However, it’s how they emerge to redeem themselves that mark a shining moment in their career. The main star of the “Twilight” franchise has been through a rough patch in for the past few years, but it would seem that she’s making a profound comeback in her career as she becomes one of the main stars of “Camp X-Ray.”

“Prisoners are subjected to the Geneva Convention. Detainees are not.” Looking at the trailer alone, you will see an effective side of Kristen Stewart’s evolution as an actress, ergo from the tweeny visage, that is, Bella Swan, to the self-confronting US Army Private Amy Cole. HitFix highlighted the fact that the entire trailer showcases a character-driven take on the sensational context of “terrorist imprisonment” and how much stress overwhelms each and every soldier as they proceed in following the orders at Guantanamo.

Coming from the creative visions of French writer/helmsman Peter Sattler, Kristen Stewart plays the role of Private First Class Amy Cole, who is assigned as the round-the-clock guard on-duty at Camp Delta. It is said to be the replacement facility established in place of X-ray subsequent to its finality. Screen Rant previews the fact that it is a tough day job that features the manifold task of the soldiers to maintain watch over the main detainees of the base. And with such occupation, it requires a mixture of “restraints, riot gear, and self-delusion.” It is here that she meets and befriends one of the detainees named Amir, played by astounding actor Peyman Moaadi, whose friendship managed to offer her a different kind of understanding of reality within and beyond the camp.

“Camp X-Ray” is speculated to earn quite the distinction in Hollywood. Apart from the fact that the film was officially selected for the Sundance Film Festival last January, Kristen Stewart’s celebrity status will be very contributory to its marking. The film could also serve as a positive comeback for the actor as she proves that there is more to her than just the stoic demeanor she seems to over exude. It opens in theaters on Oct. 17, 2014.

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