Kutcher Spoof of Bollywood Pulled

By admin | 7 years ago

Popchips, the company behind controversial ads starring Ashton Kutcher, has pulled the ad considered the most controversial and offensive. It featured Kutcher in a brownface portraying Raj, a Bollywood producer. CEO of Popchips Keith Belling posted an online apology on his company’s website.

The apology read, “We have received numerous comments about the dating campaign parody that was launched today. We appreciate all those who took time to give us their point of view. We worked hard to create the parody that featured a number of different characters, whose only intention was to provide laughs. It was not our intention to offend anyone.”

The ads received a number of comments calling them racist because Kutcher is wearing a brownface. A number of writer’s were calling for Popchips to make an apology as well as others associated with the campaign such as Kutcher.

Anil Dash, an entrepreneur and writer wrote, “I do not think those behind the ads for Popchips are racist. I think the ad they made however, is racist, but they may not even have known they were creating a racist ad.”

Das Racist, the hip-hop group from Brooklyn was also unimpressed and said that people should contact Popchips and protest. A user of YouTube bashed Kutcher by saying Kutcher thought he would become relevant once again by using a racist brownface.

Popchips has said it will keep the other ads in the campaign that have not received negative comments or have not been declared racist by viewers.

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