KUWTK Star Kim Kardashian Quits Show; Kanye West’s Condition Rumored Not To Be A Public Thing

By Eva Artosilla | 2 years ago
KUWTK Star Kim Kardashian Quits Show; Kanye West’s Condition Rumored Not To Be A Public Thing
Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian might not join her family in Keeping up with the Kardashians season 14. She has already stopped filming season 13 following her husband’s hospitalization. The publicity and social media enthusiast is now shying away from everything because of Kanye West.

Speculations are saying that she might not return in the reality show unless Kanye West fully recovers. She is not keen on filming her husband’s condition. He needs complete privacy away from the chaos of Hollywood.

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True enough, Kanye West needs peace in his life right now. Environmental disturbances will only worsen his mental state. A change of environment might do wonders for the father-of-two.

Morning News USA reported that the rapper is still in the UCLA Medical Center. His confinement and his mental condition are being kept very private by the family. Another source said that Kim Kardashian is doing everything to protect their privacy at this point. She visits the hospital but sees to it that no reporters are around.

Kim Kardashian Shies Away from the Public

It is unlikely for the reality star to be not updating her millions of followers in social media. She has shied away from publicity lately. Who would want to publicize a depressing situation? Definitely not Kim Kardashian even if it means high rating for the family show.

She has already started withdrawing from the media right after her Paris robbery. She might not be publicly visible at present as she spends her time beside her husband.

Will Kim Kardashian say goodbye to Keeping Up with the Kardashians? No confirmation from her has been documented yet. So the cancellation news and her departure from the show must be taken with a grain of salt. Stay tuned for more updates on Kanye West and the entire Kardashian family.

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