Did Kylie Jenner Ask Her Parent’s Consent For Lip Enhancement?

By Acsilyn Miyazaki | 3 years ago
Did Kylie Jenner Ask Her Parent’s Consent For Lip Enhancement?
Kylie Jenner admitted she has lip fillers on.

Kylie Jenner admitted she had fillers on making her lips have a little more pout. Although she kept on denying having fillers on her lips, the young star later on admitted the procedure. This was seen after on the trailer of an upcoming episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” Read on.

Jenner said, “I have temporary lip fillers, it’s just an insecurity of mine and it’s what I wanted to do.  I want to admit to the lips, but people are so quick to judge me on everything, so I might have tiptoed around the truth, but I never lie.”

The admission of the 17-year-old Kardashian sibling has left many people, including her fans, in question. How was she able to undergo surgery for lip enhancement when she’s still a minor?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, it is illegal for a minor to undergo treatment without the consent of their parents unless they have already been legally emancipated.

Meanwhile, FOX411 tried to contact a representative of the Jenner family. Unfortunately, calls requesting for comments regarding the admission of Kylie Jenner were not returned. The media outlet further wanted to know if the teen’s mom/manager has given her permission to undergo treatment.

On the other hand, the admission of Jenner has confirmed what many people think although she has previously denied the allegations. It seems to us that the entire Kardashian and Jenner brood have been helping the teen hide her little enhancement secret.

Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian’s sweetheart, was seen asking her if she had seen Jenner do her lipstick since it takes her about 40 minutes to do so. This was seen in a recent episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashian”.

Kim Kardashian, Kylie’s big sister, spoke about her lips in an interview saying she goes to the teen’s room and ask about the brand of lip liner Kylie uses. She also once said Kylie Jenner wears lip-liner and then fills it in. This leaves us with another question. Did Tyga say anything about his sweetheart’s latest admission? We’ll soon find out!

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Jenner defended why she had opted to change her look. She said people have been watching her grow up since she was 9 years old. She also added that her face will be different especially that she already knows how to put makeup on. Jenner also declared that she is not against surgery and that she would never say no. However, she said that she does not desire it at the moment.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Kylie Jenner

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