Kylie Jenner Breaks Down on Instagram: Gets Candid With Her Fans

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Kylie Jenner Breaks Down on Instagram: Gets Candid With Her Fans
Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner got candid on an Instagram post with her fans on September 4. She shared a picture of the bullying activist Lizzie Velasquez and shared own personal struggles against bullying and how she is simply unable to take it sometimes. Read the following section for  more of her emotional outburst.

According to a report by, though things seem to be absolutely perfect for Kylie Jenner, 18 and her fans may think that she is lucky to have it all. However, this reality TV star has had her share of struggles against bullies.

Kylie told her fans on Instagram how deeply she admired Lizzie Velasquez who is one of the leading bullying activists after she was called the ugliest woman of thee world by someone. Kylie also shared that if someone passes any negative remarks at all, she hides, has a breakdown and in tears.

Kylie really pulled at the heartstrings of her fans with her revelations on Instagram. She described Lizzie first and said what an incredible woman the latter has been in her Instagram caption.

Lizzie Velasquez commenced her career as a motivational speaker after she received a lot of criticisms about her looks. She suffers from a rare ailment that does not let her gain weight and has been a cruel victim of bullying. Kylie also mentioned how unacceptable it was to treat people in this manner.

Kylie went on to share her own personal struggles with her fans. She said that there are some people who say nasty things about her every day over and over again and she just cannot take it at times. She hides and starts crying. This has also resulted  her in being anxious several times. It has often been a nightmare for her and she has lost a part of herself in the process.

It was indeed a touching gesture for this reality TV star to be so candid about something like this. The star had earlier revealed that she had been first bullied when she was just nine years old.

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Photo source:  Facebook/Kylie Jenner

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