Why Does Kylie Jenner Feel ‘Sick’ While Walking On the Red Carpet?

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Why Does Kylie Jenner Feel ‘Sick’ While Walking On the Red Carpet?
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She has grown up being on television but Kylie Jenner still has her moments of struggle in the spotlight. In one of the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” episodes that will be aired on Sunday, she had to walk on the red carpet with Kendall Jenner, her supermodel sister at Mary’s Billboard Music Awards. Kendall has been promoting her Balmain and H & M campaigns.

Both the girls posed for a photo together before they went their separate ways.

Kylie, 18 said that she knew that Kendall has to complete her work obligations but she feels shaky and anxious while doing the interviews. She would have loved to have Kendall with her all through the evening.

When Kylie’s publicist accompanies her to a reporter, she was assured that she won’t have to answer about her cosmetically enhanced lips. However, she is not very comfortable about facing a reporter and feels faint.

You can watch the Sunday episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” at 8 pm. Like ET, all her fans may want to see how the entire drama unfolds.

Kylie may love to be the center of attraction on social media like Instagram but she would prefer to have her sister with her any day when it comes to walking on red carpets.

Things were not good for Kylie that night when she goes to the stage along with Kendall for making an introduction to Kanye West’s performance and the audience boos.

According to ET, Kylie, meanwhile was active on the social media as she shared a link for a sneak peak video that contains her sexy photo shoot where she is seen with Brendon Forbes. She is seen in full makeup in a tub and she wears beautiful gold accessories and a white tank top and paired it up with black fishnet panties.

However this is not the first time she has one this type of a shoot.

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Photo Source:  Facebook/Kylie Jenner

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