Kylie Jenner Flaunts Mermaid Look With Icy Blue Hair At Bellami Beauty Bar

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
Kylie Jenner Flaunts Mermaid Look With Icy Blue Hair At Bellami Beauty Bar
Kylie Jenner with her new icy blue hair

The adolescent star Kylie Jenner divulged mermaid-inspired mint-colored hair by following the footsteps of her elder half-sister Kim Kardashian in setting trends for the youngsters. This diva is known for her experimentation with hairs. Jenner flaunted her mermaid-inspired hair at the launching party of the Bellami Beauty Bar in West Hollywood on Thursday. Read on for more details.

She herself tweeted her fans and followers saying “Can’t wait for the @bellamihair event on the 9th… Mm what to do with my hair;)”

According to Mail Online, Jenner’s low-cut jumpsuit was the perfect fit for the event and also for the hair. The jumpsuit had a feel of 1970’s era. Cleavage bulging out of her low-cut jumpsuit voguish attire made her more alluring although she denied of any breast implantation.

“To whoever thinks I had breast implants, there is a whole lot of tape in here holding these up,” Jenner remarked in a Snapchat video as reported by the outlet.

The 17-year old model came clean saying that she had blue hair previously, but the icy blue shade is a new “thing.” She played with the same shade at Coachella, though it was quite near to her trademark teal. In past, she colored her hair but maintained the natural dark shade. This time she is totally flooded with icy blue hair.

It is reportedly said that Jenner took notice of her make-up and accessories in order to highlight her hairs. Her make-up was palette neutral with a nude lip. A gold clutch and gold and silver trinkets along with an ornate choker made her look awesome.

Generally, Jenner was not seen promoting her hair line extension but this time she has done it, in which she was looking perfect. Not only her hairs are in buzz but also the rumors of her fending with her boyfriend, Tyga, who cheated a transsexual model and actress.

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Photo Source: Twitter/Bellami Hair

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