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Rapper Tyga and Kylie Jenner who is a TV reality star were seen walking together holding each other’s hands on Sunday after their rumored breakup last week. The duo was seen enjoying each other’s company in Los Angeles where they had come to attend the American Music Awards.

When asked if she is going to marry her on and off boyfriend of one year, the 18 years old quickly replied yes and mentioned that she wants to take their relationship to the next level. The 26 years old rapper however choose to remain silent and let his girlfriend speak to the media.

Reportedly, Jenner had dumped her boyfriend last Thursday as she was upset because she had found some evidences which suggested that that Tyga was cheating on her.  This left her fuming and she had chosen to walk out of the relationship. Also, they suffered from ego clashes which is being considered as another reason for breakup. As a result, Tyga celebrated his 26th birthday without Kylie as she refused to attend the party.

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However, it seems things started getting better from Saturday as Kylie posted a picture where the caption “Everyone needs to chill” was mentioned. Insiders said, the rapper used various tactics to win her girlfriend back. He also insisted that he never cheated on Kylie. Tyga also took help of Brody Jenner, Kylie’s brother to help him revive their relationship. Though the two are back together, some friends and family members are upset and do not want to see them together in future. Though the couple have been dating since last fall, their relationship, was made official only in August when Kylie turned 18th.

It seems whatever their near and dear ones are thinking in terms of their relationship they are in the mood to reconcile. Tyga being Kylie’s first love, she is ready to give him another chance is what is being reported by insiders. Kylie is known to be a one man woman and is not a believer of “casual dating or being with two people at once.” Also, she mentioned that she will give full attention to the person who is there in her heart which right now seems to be the California-born Tyga.
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Picture Source: Facebook/Kylie Jenner

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