Kylie Jenner Says Kris Jenner Cut Her Off Financially Three Years Ago: “I Pay For Everything”

By Bindhu Mol. G | 3 years ago
Kylie Jenner Says Kris Jenner Cut Her Off Financially Three Years Ago: “I Pay For Everything”

Kylie Jenner revealed that her mom cut her off financially three years ago. The model admits that she pays for everything she needs.

Kris Jenner teaches her daughter Kylie Jenner about financial responsibility by cutting her off financially. Kylie says that she pays for everything herself, even for food.

“My mum cut me off financially three years ago so I pay for everything—my car, my gas and food as well as my clothes,” Kylie revealed to British InStyle.

E! Online reports that Kylie likes to choose comfort over style, when making purchases or while hanging out. However, she is ready to shell out her hard-earned dollars when it comes to getting fancy and fashionable. She says that she has bought many outfits in the past, which she thinks, “are not cute” now. She admits that she considers her fashion-loving siblings Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian for inspiration, when choosing things.

“I feel like I dress like Khloe on my down days and Kim when I’m going out,” the American reality television personality tells the magazine as per the report of the source.

“I think my style is a little bit darker thanks to my mum,” says Kylie.

The model says that she does not get nervous when she is being photographed on the red carpet. However, she adds that she is anxious about how the photographs are going to turn out, particularly nervous about whether her shirt is too low, or whether her dress looks right.

Kylie sometimes makes us forget that she is so young. However, the 17 years old Kylie says that she eats whatever she wants and lives her youth life without doing any exercise or workouts.

After being cut off financially, Kylie would have definitely got financial responsibility and would have learned how to manage her finance.

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