Kylie Jenner Undergoing Intense Surgery To Look Like Kim Kardashian; Spends $2 Million

By Pradeep Singh | 2 years ago

July 9 — If reports are to be believed, Kylie Jenner, an American reality television personality, is trying hard to look like her older sister Kim Kardashian and has so far spent around $2 million.

According to Hollywood Life, with the start of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”, fans have noticed major changes in Kylie’s, 17, appearance. Most of them think it is just a part of Kylie’s growing-up process while other take it as a purposeful act to look like Kardashian, 34, and to steal the show.

Based on the report from OK! Magazine, a sea change can be witnessed in Kylie of today and yesteryear. Even if there is not enough report on the transformation process she might have gone through, it is assumed that the transformation has cost the teen $2 million.

It has been alleged that she is having an intense lineup of cosmetic procedures. She has also undergone ‘temporary lip fillers’, which she admitted during an interview on KUWTK. In the interview, she also revealed her insecurity towards her own look being blasted by the media.

“I’m just not ready to talk [about it yet]…everyone always picks us apart,” Kylie said during the same interview.

Kylie had the insecurity felling since the start of KUWTK, when inferiority complex engulfed her, but she has overcome it soon.

Kylie, now, seems much more confident and is filling the shoes of Kim fast. Even though she refuses her transformation as a part of stealing the spotlight away from Kim, she is happy with the changes and is showing off her body to attract more eyeballs.

Meanwhile, Kim is happy about Kylie’s changes and being idolized.

Spending $2 million may not have helped Kylie much to steal the show completely, but her resemblance has certainly led to some inner-changes, which may help her in achieving new heights of success.

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Photo source: Kylie Jenner/Facebook

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