Kylie Jenner Vs. Kim Kardashian: Are They the Biggest Rivals?

By Susmita Bhattacharya | 2 years ago
Kylie Jenner Vs. Kim Kardashian: Are They the Biggest Rivals?
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Kim Kardashian may be running behind as Kylie Jenner has snatched the media’s attention and has held it for a quite long time but Kim is preparing herself to steal away the media-interest after she gives birth to her second child with husband Kanye West.

Undeniably, Kim, along with the Kardashians and Jenners creates buzz in the media with her stand-alone publicity stunts but the little Kylie, Kim’s stepsister, has set Kim back in the second row and turns to be the media’s sweetheart with her own enigma.

Though Kim, the 34-year-old expressed her appreciation about Kylie’s makeover but admitted about her desire to get back her dominant place in the media. This young Jenner has recently celebrated her 18th birthday last August 10 and made the media marvel at her stunning appearance.

Hollywood Life informs that Kylie was shy and insecure in nature but a proper grooming helps her to get back the self-esteem and now she is giving a tight competition to her elder sister.

Back in 2013, Kim has faced a threat in her popularity as she divorced her then spouse Kris Humphries. Even her PR team was messing up to control it but the marriage with Kanye and having a little girl, she proclaims her fame back in position and continues to be in media’s speculation.

The source added, “ Kim was expecting to have to compete with Kendall for the limelight, but now it’s like this dark horse” the youngest Jenner has come out of nowhere and is starting to make Kim feel a bit insecure.

But the diva hopes to be the queen of media again as her second baby will come. Kim knows it better that it will be an avalanche of media conjecture when she will come up with her next baby after Blue Ivy in early December, it is vivid clear that the baby will let Kim and Kanye be featured in multiple magazine covers and again the elder Kardashian will rule in the digital media and then perhaps Kylie will be left to be just another part of the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

No doubt Kim adores her little sister but Kylie’s sudden fame has triggered a flash of competition between the two. It holds true Kim is the sole person to grab the media’s eyes the earliest and held it for a pretty good time. The other Kardashians and Jenners never were primary concern for the media if the 34-yea-old bombshell had not been there.

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Photo source: Facebook/Kim Kardashian

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