Kylie Minogue Goes ‘All Gooey’ At The Mention Of New Boyfriend

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Kylie Minogue Goes ‘All Gooey’ At The Mention Of New Boyfriend
Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue goes all mushy and “gooey”whenever anyone mentions her latest boyfriend. Well, love can do strange things to people, as they say.

Earlier this year, Minogue, 47 started dating Joshua Sasse. When their relationship was still starting, Minogue said that they will be spending Christmas together. However, while Joshua would be in charge of preparing the festive feast for both of them, Minogue will do her bit by tidying up later on.

Sasse 27, is an actor by profession. They apparently became close after the singer did a cameo role on “Galavant”, a hit American TV show where Sasse has been acting.

Though the duo has a big age gap between them, Sasse and Minogue have defied their critics and have been in limelight often, due to their PDA. Many of these have been captured through cameras and have been uploaded on social media websites.

Kylie Minogue opened up recently about her new beau in an interview, where she revealed that she is full of love for the British star.

The singer told the Daily Telegraph Newspaper of Australia that she goes all soft and “gooey” whenever his name is mentioned.

Minogue has not been lucky, as far as her love life in the past is concerned. In the past, she had dated Oliver Martinez, the estranged husband of Halle Berry ( from 2003-2007) and then Andrés Velencoso, a model by profession from the year 2008 to 2013.

It is true that Minogue has not found her happiness ever after, as they call it but she shared in an interview that there is nothing to regret, as far as her romantic past is concerned. Yet, she admitted at the same time that she has never desired to have a “conventional” relationship with someone.

Kylie Minogue told Event Magazine that she is not conventional but quite a romantic person. She also admitted that even when she was a little girl, she never dreamt of her wedding dress or her big day but at the same time, she does like to be in love.


Photo Source: Facebook/Kylie Minogue

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