Is Kym Johnson Of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Pregnant With Robert Herjavec’s Baby?

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
Is Kym Johnson Of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Pregnant With Robert Herjavec’s Baby?
Kym Johnson and Robert Herjavec

A buzz is in the air that Kym Johnson is expecting the child of Robert Herjavec. The “Dancing With The Stars” season 21’s cast roster was unveiled by ABC in which one of the most familiar faces was not included. Fans and viewers are confused to know that the person who had a permanent fixture in the dancing television show is going out from this season. What’s the reason? Read on!

Star Pulse has claimed that since the 39-year-old Johnson is pregnant for the first time, she is unable to compete in the season 21 of “Dancing With The Stars.” When the cast roster of “Dancing With The Stars” was broadcasted on ABC’s Good Morning America, Johnson congratulated everyone over Twitter. She is said to be in Australia for the production work of “Dancing With The Stars,” but instead of watching her dancing, the audience will find her sitting in the judge’s panel.

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Presently, the California-based Johnson, who began ballroom dancing at her 13, in an interview this summer, admitted that she and her last dance partner Herjavec were in a relationship. She also whispered that their ongoing relationship was amazing and both were truly happy meeting each other. Herjavec, who is a millionaire Canadian businessman, is presently in Australia with his love, and the couple is often spotted hanging out together.

According to Inquisitr, the 52-year-old Herjavec joined “Dancing With The Stars” in the previous season as he was very enthusiastic to show off his dancing talents to the world. However, before joining the show, he was involved in a legal case for years for demanding divorce from his earlier wife, and he was reportedly suffering from depression. He even confessed that he had suicidal tendencies. But the entry of Johnson into his life has totally changed him and for the last eight months they are just like happily married.

The mid-aged lovers seemed to have superbly enjoyed on Monday, September 14, the day Herjavec turned 52. Johnson took to Twitter let her fans know that they had a great night with friends.

Kym Johnson (@kym_johnson) ❤️ ” great night with great friends 🎉💋💕

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Photo Source: Twitter/Robert Herjavec

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