Emma Stone Bags Two Standing Ovations For La La Land At Telluride Film Festival 2016

By Arunima Basu | 2 years ago
Emma Stone Bags Two Standing Ovations For La La Land At Telluride Film Festival 2016

La La Land, by Damien Chazelle, starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, has received standing ovation — twice — along mid-way and another at the end, spanning through 20 seconds. Every best film that won the Oscar since the Slumdog Millionaire has been played at the Teluride Film Fest, the yearly Labor Day weekend that accumulates together all of the best Rockies that start off the race for Oscar. La La Land that opened the 43rd issue on Sep. 2 may well go on to carry on the legacy.

Damien Chazelle’s musical comedy starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling was selected last Friday afternoon for the precious Patron Preview slot, having already kicked off the Venice Film Festival on Aug. 31. And the people who flocked together were more than happy.

Some say that such crowd was not seen in the last five years. These film enthusiasts accorded the two mid-film ovations — the first, right in the classic opening scene on a freeway and the other following a heart-melting scene at the Griffith Park, while the last one was followed at the end, reported The Hollywood Reporter.

Although an unironic and sincere musical venture built around its original tunes could have been difficult selling to the masses in the present era of skepticism, La La Land almost appears to be tailor-crafted for the Oscar members who have formerly awarded the most covetous award to 10 musical films: The Broadway Melody, The Great Ziegfeld, An American in Paris, Going My Way, West Side Story, The Sound of Music, My Fair Lady, Gigi, Oliver! and Chicago.

La La Land sympathetically manifests the struggles as well as sacrifices of individuals pursuing careers in the show business. In this particular case, it is a tale of an actress and a musician.

The film has been intricately crafted along the same lines as the 31-year-old Chazzelle, who had already made a name with another musical Whiplash and has considerable reverence for film history, which was also nominated for best picture in 2014. This film hones some moments that are never to be forgotten. This includes a remarkable homage to Singin’ in the Rain.

Besides, the movie shows two of the most likable people on the planet, both on and off screen. They take a magnificent artistic chance together and manifest spell-bounding chemistry five years after first appearing in Crazy Stupid Love. Gosling’s performance may have been undervalued as the role he plays is that of a bumbling charmer, which is not totally unlike himself. However, he manages to dance and sing so candidly.

Coming to Stone, it can be said that her best actress nomination or may be a triumph. This time, it is well linked with her emotional rendition of Here’s to the Ones Who Dream quite similar to Anne Hathaway’s in terms with her I Dreamed a Dream in Les Miserables, 2012.

Perhaps, what seals the deal is the heart-tugging love letter to Jazz, Los Angeles, and the film is quite different to others in the race. That streak of individualism has definitely helped two recent best films related to show business, The Artist in 2011 and Birdman in 2014, which also crowned Stone as the Best Supporting Actress nomination to break the mundane spell.

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