LA Lakers Rumors: Sebastian Telfair Signed On? Kobe Bryant Rejoins The Team

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
LA Lakers Rumors: Sebastian Telfair Signed On? Kobe Bryant Rejoins The Team

Star packed Los Angeles Lakers are looking to bring in more shiners. If rumors are to be believed, LA Lakers are looking to strengthen their point guard position by bringing in Sebastian Telfair. Read on for more details.

Telfair, who is maybe a lynchpin in the Chinese Basketball Association, but hasn’t done anything in the NBA yet. He was the 13th overall pick in the NBA draft once, but that was like ages ago. However, LA Lakers are still eyeing him for the point guard position.

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They believe that Telfair could add more depth to it behind D’Angelo Russell and Jordan Clarkson. They added Marcelo Huertas for the same reason and this makes us wonder if the team is becoming too heavy-handed in dealing with the point guard position. The way we see it, if you got Huertas, you are probably covered on the veteran depth option. Like they say, if you put in too much effort, you might get it wrong.

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The team will be moving into camp on the Sept. 29, 2015. The next two weeks are going to be crucial with regard to NBA trading for the team. The team’s biggest star, Kobe Bryant, was down with an injury, but has now been cleared for all basketball-related activities.

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Bryant may be a good player, but he also shows a keen propensity towards getting hurt often these days. He has been a bench warmer for a little too long this time and he was injured the year before last too. The team management will obviously be watching him keenly. More mishaps could spell doom for his career, especially given his supersize ego. He is already in his late thirties and if I were him, I’d watch my back.

This news comes via Sports World Report. Kdramastarz also reported the news.

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