Ladies of London: Caroline Stanbury Thinks Julie Montagu Is Not Fit to Be Queen Bee

By Kathleen Villaruben | 2 years ago
Ladies of London: Caroline Stanbury Thinks Julie Montagu Is Not Fit to Be Queen Bee
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Speculations started to emerge about the possibility of Julie Montagu to be the new Queen Bee in replacement of Caroline Stanbury’s title in Ladies of London. Find out what Stanbury had to say about this claim!

Stanbury owned the Queen Bee title because of her natural way of leading the ladies. However, Montagu became Lady of the Manor and acted supreme over the ladies by being firm with house rules in her Mapperton estate. She really seemed like a true Queen Bee.

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Caroline Stanbury Criticizes Julie Montagu

Facebook/Ladies of London

Meanwhile, in an exclusive interview with The Daily Dish, Stanbury commented about Montagu’s Queen Bee vibe. She also claimed that she does not care at all if ever Montagu wants her title. She proudly explained that in the first place, her Queen Bee title was not self-proclaimed.

The Bravo celebrity continued explaining that the viewers themselves gave her the title because of her superior personality. She said she was always aware that a co-star someday would steal her superior status. However, she straightforwardly claimed that it would not be Montagu.

“Can you imagine Julie leading these girls?” Stanbury said.

Strangely, Stanbury used to be really close with Montagu in the past. She even served as Montagu’s motivator or “advocate” in the previous season of Ladies of London.

Stanbury continued to claim that Montagu’s recent attitude came from lack of self-esteem. She believed that Montagu’s “passive aggressive jabs” were actually done unconsciously. She explained that Montagu is not a manipulator, just an insecure person.

The Ladies of London original Queen Bee suddenly got worried that Julie Montagu made their co-stars turn against her. Caroline Standbury could not fathom why Montagu had to take them away from her. She said they could just share friends and get along for good. However, she believed that Montagu preferred to be possessive instead. She promised she would never back down.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Ladies of London

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