Lady Gaga and Lisa Vanderpump Hang out at PUMP

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
Lady Gaga and Lisa Vanderpump Hang out at PUMP

Jennifer Lawrence recently admitted that she is a big Real Housewives fan. Is Lady Gaga sharing the same guilty pleasure with JLaw? The 29-year-old music icon was spotted with “Vanderpump Rules” boss Lisa Vanderpump having dinner inside PUMP restaurant in West Hollywood. Read on for details.

According to Us Weekly, Lady Gaga was with her mother Cynthia Germanotta and manager when she dined with Vanderpump on Friday, Apr. 17, 2015. On the other hand, the 54-year-old reality star and LGBT supporter (like Gaga) tweeted about the unforgettable dinner. She recalled the event “kind of funny.” It was because she expected Gaga fanatics interrupting their dinner. However, they were not bothered all night. Vanderpump concluded that diners must have thought that she was with a Gaga look-alike only. After all, Lady Gaga was only wearing an all-black outfit with huge shades.

Vanderpump also tweeted about how similar she is with Lady Gaga with hashtags “#lgbt” and “#dogcrazy.”

Both ladies have kept in touch after Vanderpump and some of her co-stars appeared in misic artist’s music video for “G.U.Y.” in Mar. 2014. Vanderpump has always been vocal about being a fan of her music.

Photos circulated the internet showing Vanderpump escorting Lady Gaga to her car after hugging each other with big smiles. Check out the photos on Us Weekly!

Recalling JLaw’s “obsession” for the Real Housewives franchise, People reported that the Oscar-winning actress became a total fangirl when she visited PUMP. Lawrence made Vanderpump sign on a bottle of vodka. She remembered her friend saying that it was “so much better than the Oscars.” She also took “so many pictures” with Vanderpump and shared her distaste about Kyle Richards and Brandi Glanville being mean girls in the fourth season of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” (RHOBH).

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Photo Source: Lisa Vanderpump (Facebook, Official Page)

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