Lady Gaga to make return at Video Music Awards

By admin | 4 years ago

On August 25, Lady Gaga will return to the stage for the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. Though the show is a month away, her diehard fans are counting each second until she takes the stage again.

Her fans were absolutely thrilled to hear she was returning and quickly filled social media networks like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and about any other Internet site they could find, with their unique blend of exclamation and hyperventilation.

On the Facebook page of MTV, one poster said Gaga was returning in time to save the world of pop music, while another said the VMA show would rock this year due to Gaga performing.

Still another said that she was probably the show’s most anticipated performance and it would not be missed for the world.

Twitter fans said they would not sleep until the show on August 25. Some become overly excited and broke into dance without even knowing what Lady Gaga’s new single will be.

That single is scheduled to premiere six days before the awards show.

On Instagram, creativity was the norm. One poster filled the entire post with capital letters saying that Gaga was back, Slayga has returned. The poster said he or she was very pleased and could not wait to see what Gaga would be wearing for the big show.

It might be hard to top her bleeding dress, meat dress and her male alter ego, but we are all sure that whatever Gaga chooses to wear, it will be unique and turn heads.

The Gaga fans better pace themselves, as the show is a month away and no one should be getting hurt over the excitement so an abundance of caution should be considered.

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