Lady Gaga’s Amazing Video For Tom Ford’s New Designer Collection

By Susmita Bhattacharya | 2 years ago
Lady Gaga’s Amazing Video For Tom Ford’s New Designer Collection
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook/Lady Gaga |

Lady Gaga has never let her career graph to be inert and continues her crave of experimentation. This time, apart from humming tunes she has selected another forte to excavate her caliber. Tom Ford, the legendary American fashion designer and director, has elected Gaga for his new Spring/Summer 2016 Presentation.

The Gucci man has make the viewers astounded with the exclusive lines of design, as well as with the chic video featuring Gaga. The singing sensation is having a bit of a renaissance with this fashionable legacy.

The three-minute video clip embodies the upscale designer-collections harvested by Ford. Lady Gaga is seen gallivanting and strutting down the runway among a throng of models in distinct signature outfits and ensembles, among a throng of models.

Discernibly she comes and wins the hearts with her triumphant attitude and ease to carry the fashionable clothing. We are amazed to see her dancing exuberantly alongside models Mica Arga, Lexi Bolling, Kayla Scott, Alex Dunstan, and many more. The nonchalant act she displays on the video seems phenomenal more with the song “I Want Your Love”. The song, itself has whetted the collective appetite of the Little Monster community for the rumored (and teased) “LG5,” the current short-hand moniker for Gaga’s imminent fifth album.

The designer adapted an innovative idea to showcase the collections online by a cinematic way that was designed from its inception. The clip is directed by Nick Knight and assembles the perfect flavor to demonstrate a chic manifestation. No doubt, the 29-year-old fashionista rocks it in her own terms. The year is going fabulous for the singer and she starts to floor her fans with the captivating Oscar-night performance and continues by receiving the honor Billboard’s Woman of the Yea,  following Taylor Swift and now the video clip from Ford.

Watch the video here:

We are waiting to see her in American Horror Story and of course her new release with Tony Bennett.

Photo Source: Facebook/Lady Gaga


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